Onnit Academy’s Core Principles

Onnit Academy

Onnit Academy


Currently working as a self-employed personal trainer, Alex Garbiso is operating under the auspices of Mile High Nutrition and Fitness. Working with clients in their homes, Alex Garbiso is an Onnit Certified Trainer.

Onnit Certified Trainers must successfully complete a certification course run by the. The Academy’s unique training methodology is based on six core principles:

Efficiency & Resource Optimization – Unorthodox training techniques can be extremely efficient when the entire body is engaged in the activity. Resource Optimization allows practitioners to take advantage of time, energy, equipment, and space.

Unity in Diversity – Though this concept may appear contradictory, diversity in training can exist without running amok in search of novelty. While selecting a broad range of tools and techniques, the Onnit Academy still strives for consistency in the quest for Total Human Optimization.

Search For Truth – In an industry that is constantly evolving, it is important to increase your understanding rather than believe you already have the right answers.

Balance – It is important to maintain an equilibrium in training as well as in life. Comfort zones and habits (even good ones) can become a hindrance in the long run, and it is necessary to maintain a commitment to accessing the full array of possibilities for training.

Leadership – Leadership, means going first, and a trainer must be willing to lead by example.

Empowerment – In such a competitive industry, it is necessary for the instructor to operate from a position of trying to elevate those around him or her. Developing a culture of nurturing and participation inevitably leads to empowering those involved.