Order to Kill – The Latest Mitch Rapp Thriller

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Order to Kill
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Since 2015, Alexander (Alex) Garbiso has owned and served as trainer at Mile High Nutrition and Fitness, where he develops individualized diets and exercise regimens for his clients in the Denver area. In his leisure time, Alex Garbiso likes to read fiction, and one of his favorite authors is Vince Flynn.

Flynn self-published his first novel, Term Limits, and the book quickly garnered attention from publishers. He later created a series of military thrillers that have ranked on the New York Times Best Sellers list and influenced audiences ranging from fiction enthusiasts to government officials. The Mitch Rapp thriller series continues to expand under the direction of Kyle Mills, who writes in honor of the life of Flynn.

The most recent installment of the saga is Order to Kill. In this fast-paced novel, Mitch Rapp, an anti-terrorism operative, faces the task of ensuring that high-level weaponry stays out of the hands of enemy forces. He teams up with colleague Scott Coleman, and the two encounter a number of obstacles that threaten their lives. Readers can find a copy of Order to Kill at most major booksellers.

Nutrition for Muscle Growth

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Muscle Growth
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Alexander “Alex” Garbiso is the owner of Mile High Nutrition and Fitness, where he also works as a personal trainer. In this role, Alex Garbiso helps clients understand how to optimize their results.

The process of muscle building breaks down muscle fibers, with the recovery leading to muscle growth. Without enough protein, this muscle growth is not possible.

Perhaps the most important element in building muscle is a sufficient supply of protein. Some experts recommend that athletes eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein daily for each pound of body weight.

Athletes should integrate protein into each meal. The protein can come from a variety of sources, including meat, dairy, beans, nuts, and seeds. Each meal should also integrate fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables simultaneously serve as a source of carbohydrates, though most athletes need to add more concentrated sources, such as rice and pasta. The complete workout diet does not end with protein, produce, and carbs, but integrates healthy fats, which support overall health and encourage a feeling of fullness.

Two Skills Important to a Realtor’s Success

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As the owner of Mile High Nutrition and Fitness in Denver, Colorado, Alexander “Alex” Garbiso visits clients in their homes and provides individualized workout routines as well as nutritional guidance. As a certified trainer, he has experience working with three different companies helping clients achieve their fitness goals. Although he has a strong background in fitness, Alex Garbiso is currently interested in embarking on a real estate career.

When starting out working in real estate, specific skills should be learned and developed to become successful. One of the skills you should possess as a Realtor is the ability to negotiate. When you list a home for a client or if you are helping a client purchase a home, negotiating will almost always be involved. To best serve your clients’ interests, you must learn to know when you should hold firm to terms and prices, and equally important, how to maintain firm positions and still conclude the transaction.

An additional skill is being able to motivate others and come up with ideas, such as those about a home being considered and how the potential new owner could improve it. A Realtor shows houses to clients, but clients are often difficult to please, and can look at many houses without showing much interest in any of them. This is when an effective Realtor will speak up, putting forth ideas and suggestions for changes as to how the client can make the property their own. A Realtor who can improvise in this way will be well on their way to a successful career.

Lucerne, Switzerland’s Two Covered Bridges

Lucerne in Switzerland

Lucerne in Switzerland


Since 2015, experienced personal trainer Alexander Garbiso has operated Mile High Nutrition and Fitness, based in Aurora, Colorado. Alexander Garbiso is an avid traveler who has been to several parts of the world, including Lucerne in Switzerland.

Considered the quintessential Swiss city, Lucerne has been a popular tourist destination since the 19th century and has been noted to be a favorite choice of important historic figures such as Queen Victoria, writer and politician Johann Wolfgang Goethe, and German composer Richard Wagner. Lucerne is also known for the medieval-age Old Town.

One of the city’s premier destinations, Old Town contains well-preserved 15th-century buildings, ancient rampart walls and towers, and its two covered bridges. The more famous of the two, Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge), has a history that dates back to 1333 and is Lucerne’s most popular landmark. The bridge was almost destroyed when it was ravaged by a fire in 1993, and although it has been restored, the damage is still noticeable in the 17th-century pictorial panels found under the roof.