Nutrition for Muscle Growth

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Muscle Growth

Alexander “Alex” Garbiso is the owner of Mile High Nutrition and Fitness, where he also works as a personal trainer. In this role, Alex Garbiso helps clients understand how to optimize their results.

The process of muscle building breaks down muscle fibers, with the recovery leading to muscle growth. Without enough protein, this muscle growth is not possible.

Perhaps the most important element in building muscle is a sufficient supply of protein. Some experts recommend that athletes eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein daily for each pound of body weight.

Athletes should integrate protein into each meal. The protein can come from a variety of sources, including meat, dairy, beans, nuts, and seeds. Each meal should also integrate fruits and vegetables for their vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables simultaneously serve as a source of carbohydrates, though most athletes need to add more concentrated sources, such as rice and pasta. The complete workout diet does not end with protein, produce, and carbs, but integrates healthy fats, which support overall health and encourage a feeling of fullness.


Colorado Avalanche Find New Head Coach in Jared Bednar

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Jared Bednar

Alexander Garbiso works as an Onnit-certified personal trainer and independent contractor with Mile High Nutrition and Fitness. When he is not working, Alexander Garbiso enjoys hockey, and his favorite professional team is the Colorado Avalanche.

The Avalanche recently announced via Twitter that they had hired a new head coach, Jared Bednar.

Last season, Jared Bednar led the former Lake Erie Monsters (since renamed the Cleveland Monsters) to win the Calder Cup, making him no stranger to championship teams. After coaching the Monsters for two seasons, Bednar’s record stood at 81-60-29. He also coached the South Carolina Stingrays to a Kelly Cup victory in the 2008-09 season.

Trent Vogelhuber, a free agent who recently signed with the Avalanche, said Bednar is a perfect balance – a player’s coach who also knows how to provide stern discipline when needed. Vogelhuber previously played under Bednar on the Monsters.

When asked about the move, Jared Bednar said he looked forward to the new challenge, assuring fans he was ready for the role.