Tips to Help a House Sell

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Sell a House

An experienced personal trainer, Alex Garbiso has owned and operated Mile High Nutrition and Fitness since 2015. When he is not training with clients, Alex Garbiso enjoys researching real estate and intends to expand this interest into a career.

To be successful in real estate, it is essential to understand what it takes to sell a house. Below are a few tips homeowners and realtors should consider when putting a home on the market.

Often, homeowners seeking to sell their property can expedite the process by pricing the home correctly from the outset. Many sellers price their homes too high at first, with the assumption that they can always lower it later. However, most activity happens in the first few weeks the house is on the market. Sellers can draw potential buyers in during this peak time by listing on the low end, as many passionate buyers will still bid high to secure the property.

Sellers also need to make the property visually appealing to those buyers, and this requires neutralizing the d├ęcor. Buyers want to envision themselves in a home, and sellers can help them do so by removing family photos and children’s artwork in favor of more generic colors and accents. This neutral look should be present at all times, if possible, as walk-throughs can happen at any time.

For this same reason, sellers should be sure that the home always looks presentable and in good repair. This may mean replacing certain appliances or features, particularly in the kitchen, as buyers tend to spend the most time thinking about that part of the house. Buyers need not upgrade to excess, as this can cost more than it will return, but the updating of a few prominent features can go a long way toward increasing the home’s appeal.


Herbalife’s Commitment to Social and Environmental Causes

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The recipient of an associate degree in occupational studies from Heritage College, Alexander (Alex) Garbiso is an Onnit-certified trainer who, since 2015, has owned and managed Mile High Nutrition and Fitness. To supplement his business, Alex Garbiso is an independent sales distributor of Herbalife nutrition products.

Beyond providing its customers with one-on-one support en route to a healthier lifestyle, Herbalife places a priority on employee and distributor wellness through its corporate social responsibility program. The company provides its employees with complimentary products, reduced health insurance costs, and continual support in their health and fitness regimen. Because of its commitment to employee wellness, Herbalife was named One of the 15 Fittest Companies in America by Men’s Fitness magazine.

Herbalife also supports social causes through the Herbalife Family Foundation, which provides funding for nutrition programs developed by charitable organizations worldwide. The foundation assists with disaster relief efforts as well. Protecting the environment is another important cause for the company and its employees. Herbalife’s LEED-certified Los Angeles office was built with recycled and rapidly renewable materials and has earned additional credits for water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and energy and atmosphere.