Advantages of Onnit Academy Certification

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Onnit Academy Certification

A business owner and personal trainer based in Colorado, Alexander Garbiso owns and operates Mile High Nutrition and Fitness. Alexander Garbiso holds certification from Onnit Academy, a prominent fitness industry organization in the United States.

Onnit Academy offers two main types of certification: the Foundations Certification and the Specialist Certification. Although the Specialist Certification requires more in-depth knowledge than the Foundations Certification, both programs offer a number of benefits to individuals who complete them.

Perhaps most importantly, Onnit Academy certification prepares fitness professionals for their careers as coaches, helping them empower people to change their lives for the better. Graduates of Onnit Academy certification programs become part of the Onnit network, which is currently making strides in areas ranging from fitness equipment and education to natural supplements. Other benefits of Onnit Academy certification include trainer discounts, online marketing affiliate status, and access to the Onnit Academy Certified Trainer Global Directory.

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